Kardzhali region occupies 3216 square kilometers. area in the southeastern part of the Republic of Bulgaria, which represents 2.9% of its territory. It is located in the South Central Planning Region / NUTS BG 22 /. It is bordered to the west by the Smolyan region, north of Haskovo and Plovdiv in the south and southeast of the country border with the Republic of Greece. In the administrative-territorial limits of the district of Kardzhali included seven municipalities - Ardino, Djebel, Kirkovo, Krumovgrad, Kardzhali, Momchilgrad and Chernoochene.

 Along the common border with the Republic of Greece is about 90 km. Border situation of the region is favorable in terms of the growth opportunities. Above all, this location determines the significant potential of the area for running a cross-border cooperation. On the other hand the development prospects of the region are connected to a large extent the possibilities for integration of Kardzhali District with neighboring areas and the creation of conditions for common use of resources and potentials for development. In the territory of Kardzhali District passes Pan-European Transport Corridor / PETC / № 9 Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Moscow / Pskov - Kiev - Lyubashevka - Chisinau - Bucharest - Ruse - Dimitrovgrad -Through Makaza - Alexandroupolis. On On September 9, 2013 operates checkpoints Makaza through which the connection between the Baltic and the North Sea, was resumed the transfer of people and goods along the axis of Russia, Romania, Bulgaria - Greece and the region of the Aegean Sea. Conducting FPEIC № 9 in the southern border in most influence on regional development in the South Central Planning Region, including and especially of Kardzhali District. With the opening of border crossings Makaza promote cooperation between the two border regions, the distance between Kardzhali and Komotini is 78 km. Distance from the town of Kardzhali to the nearest existing airport - Plovdiv is 100 km to the nearest Kapitan Andreevo - 133 km., And the nearest port - Bourgas is 255 km.

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